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New Products For January

Rolan Junior Riser
Made from a unique blend of composites and polymers, Fresh stylish design. Lighter and stiffer than wooden risers. (Riser weight: 730g) 5/16in threads for pressure button and stabilizer. 10-24...
Target 122cm
FITA Aproved Target Face, strengthened with fiber - 122cm
Target 80cm
FITA Aproved Target Face, strengthened with fiber

W&W Cat Arrow Puller
Very sweet Cat shaped Arrow puller by W&W! - Limited Stock available, so get yours NOW!
BCY 452X 1/4Lbs
BCY 452x String Material. Call for colours available.
BCY 3D serving material
Small diameter available from three-ply twisted Dyneema or Spectra material. Highly recommended for end servings. Servings should be tight but flexible.

Angel Serving material
"ASB Majesty serving" is the most excellent serving material in the world. Our exclusive technology incorporates Dyneema filament entwined with monofilament in a perfect, tight circle.
Darton Ranger X
Ranger X For the Young Hunters! The Ranger X is geared to take your young archer into the world of bowhunting. The Ranger has a draw weight range of 15 to 50 pounds, and comes...
SF Stretch Band
The Latex Stretching Band is an good excercise, for beginners and advanced archers. It's a great tool for your warming-up.

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